Such Gup

Such Gup

Disappearing act

Now that the cat is out of the bag, let us inform you that The Great Khan’s closest lieutenants and relies are utterly dismayed at his recent actions, particularly his choice of third time mate and the way he’s gone about it. Lest we forget, as the new year dawned, The Khan’s second in command had planned to celebrate his son’s wedding first in Lahore, and then in his native town. The Lahore event was a well-attended affair with Pakistan’s old landed elite, businessmen and professionals well represented. But The Great Khan was conspicuous by his absence. If there was one place he should have been, this was it.

The Khan’s party men, friends and extended family were all expecting him there and were at a loss because he had simply dropped off the radar. His cell phone was off and he was totally incommunicado. This continued for a whole 48 hours until The Khan emerged from his mysterious hibernation, and switched on his phone.

Our mole reports that the cause of the disappearance was his retaking of the sacred vows for the third time. The Begum, who takes care of all The Khans do’s and dont’s for maximum “spiritual” advantage, had reportedly proposed the disappearing act.

We’ve also heard that his poor kids were gobsmacked when they heard of the nuptials, not to mention their mother or the other ex. Will The Khan be third time lucky?

Conspiracy ahoy!

Watch out, folks, a conspiracy is afoot to thwart the Senate elections and to generally upset the apple cart. Having failed to break up The Man of Steel’s group, and topple the government, the conspirators are now desperate to do their work via the provincial assemblies. Having orchestrated the ouster of “Poisoni” from Pakistan’s largest province, they are now all set to get our former Frontier regions to do the same, followed by Hubby’s province. The latter may turn out to be a vain hope but that’s what’s predicted to be on the cards. Conspiracy ahoy!