ECP Registers Waqar Zaka’s TMP As Political Party

Waqar Zaka believes the party will bring a fresh perspective to the forefront of national politics.

ECP Registers Waqar Zaka’s TMP As Political Party

The Technology Movement Pakistan (TMP) has been formally recognized as an official political party by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), which is a significant step.

The party, headed by well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast and social media activist Waqar Zaka, is ready to push for new ideas in national politics.

The ECP has provided Technology Movement Pakistan with the opportunity to actively participate in the next election process by issuing a formal notification.

With much enthusiasm, Waqar Zaka announced that the party's agenda includes addressing Pakistan's most important problems, with an emphasis on advancing the Information Technology (IT) industry within the government.

The "Technology Movement Pakistan" manifesto is centered around 13 main ideas that provide an all-encompassing approach to tackling persistent cultural and societal issues that have been disregarded in the last few years.

In order to escape political and economic unrest, the party emphasizes the necessity of upholding the fundamental values upon which the country was founded.

Waqar Zaka thinks Technology Movement Pakistan may advance the country by tackling these important issues.