3 Senior-Most Generals To Be Recommended By GHQ For Appointment As Next Army Chief

3 Senior-Most Generals To Be Recommended By GHQ For Appointment As Next Army Chief

A consensus has evolved among the army leadership to recommend names of three senior-most generals, instead of five, to the prime minister for the appointment of the next army chief

Two days ago, an extraordinary meeting of three-star generals took place. The meeting included the Corps Commanders as well. In this meeting, the senior generals other than their internal matters deliberated over the priority issues of the country. The military commanders arrived at a consensus to take firm action on those extraordinary issues.

During an interview at Naya Daur TV’s programme 'Khabar Say Agay,' editor-in-chief of TFT Najam Sethi opined that 90 percent of the commanders opposed the option of martial law should things get out of hand during the ongoing Long March led by former PM Imran Khan. He said some of the meeting participants raised the possibility of martial law, but only few agreed, while all others vehemently opposed the unconstitutional decision.

Najam Sethi added that General Qamar Javed Bajwa reiterated that he was not interested in an extension.

According to Sethi's well-informed chirya (sparrow), it was decided in the meeting that the army leadership would send the names of the three senior-most generals to the prime minister for the appointment of the next Army chief. And these names will be dispatched after the 18th of November because one senior general will get his retirement on the 18th of November.

Commenting on the deliberations of the meeting, Najam Sethi said that the military leadership affirmed their commitment to support the incumbent government in case of any unlikely situation that may unfold during the PTI's Long March. The top generals also committed to adhering to their constitutional role: and not taking sides in the current political crisis.

On the recent meeting between PM Shehbaz Sharif and his brother Nawaz Sharif, Sethi said that PM might have discussed the option of extending General Bajwa's tenure, whereby he could stay till May or June after fresh elections. But in Sethi's opinion, Nawaz sharif would have rejected the proposal because, like in the past, the elder Sharif was not amenable to 'dictation'. This time from his rival Imran Khan.

Najam Sethi opined that Nawaz Sharif’s stance is straightforward: stick to the government as long as you can and try to deliver; otherwise, going to the elections would result in a heavy political price for his party. Former PM Nawaz Sharif, according to Sethi, would have advised PM Shehbaz to hold his ground despite all threats until the unexpected and unconstitutional happens. Nawaz Sharif thinks it would be a suicidal political choice to leave the government in present circumstances.

While commenting on the current strategy of Imran Khan, Sethi said Khan thinks that in the case of martial law, the army will go back to the barracks after the election.

Sethi added that the Pakistan army was exhausted due to their continuous involvement in political affairs. Meanwhile, the judiciary was also trying to portray an ‘apolitical’ behavior. Therefore, after facing unfavorable circumstances, Imran Khan may choose to return to the Parliament.

Raza Rumi and Murtaza Solangi host the program on Naya Daur TV, which goes on air from Monday to Saturday at 09:05 PM.