Eminent Actor Adnan Siddiqui Debunks Death Rumours

‘I am completely fine. Alhamdulillah, I am still alive. I don't know who spread this news. Please don't be upset.’

Eminent Actor Adnan Siddiqui Debunks Death Rumours

Adnan Siddiqui recently used social media to debunk claims that he had passed away that had been going around. When a story of the ‘Tamasha’ host's demise spread and ended up obtaining excessive traction, it became the most recent instance of fake celebrity death news.

The adversary from ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ soon posted on his Instagram and Twitter to demonstrate that he was still alive and well in order to prevent any more grief and concern.

The Yeh Dil Mera actor uploaded a video on his Instagram account in which he can be seen viewing a YouTube clip in which a woman can be heard breaking news about him. He quickly played the video, responded to it with pretended sadness, and offered his sympathies before he snapped out of it and categorically refuted the claims with both words and by physically demonstrating himself in the present.

He captioned the photo with, "All those spreading the rumors of my demise in the name of journalism and breaking news, next time, give me a fair idea before making me the headline," in an attempt to be both serious and amusing. I'll personally confirm it in person at your studios. After all, your irresponsible journalism ought to be faultless."

Adnan grinned as he closed the message by wishing his followers well and drinking from his cup. In order to refute the false rumors, he also sent a message to his Twitter profile, saying, "Before any of you start giving condolences here, I am rubbishing the rumors of my passing that are going around on social media. Alhamdulillah, yours truly is still very much alive and kicking."