Doctrine of necessity

More and more, the exigencies of power are dictating who will get a clean chit from the NABbers and who won’t. First to benefit from this doctrine of necessity was Chory Shuj of Guj & Clan, whose leading member is the ultimate power manipulator at Takht Lahore since he Speaks for the Punjab. And now we have an Executive Board Decision on the illegal leasing of 275 acres of state forest land in Malam Jabba to M/S Simmons Group of Companies. The case was filed against “CM Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, CS KP, Sec Tourism Corp KP, Chairman Sarhad Development Authority, CEO Board of Investment and others.”

It was observed that there were three main allegations:

  1. Illegal lease of forest land measuring 270 acres.

  2. Extension in the lease period from 15 to 33 years.

  3. Award of contract through an illegal bidding process.

It now miraculously transpires that “the land in question was federal government land, having been given to the government by the Wali of Swat. And that the tourism department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the rightful owner of the subject land. That prima facie, the entry in the revenue record is erroneous. The provincial cabinet had approved the de-notification of the land. The provincial cabinet also granted ex-post facto approval to extend the lease from 13 to 33 years in 2018 … (therefore) the allegations … stood resolved … however, regarding allegation no. 3 concerning illegal award of contract, it was decided that since the project has already been completed and was fulfilling its purpose, further no loss was caused to the government exchequer, the Executive Board recommended that investigations be closed.”

And hallelujah, “the worthy Chairman approved the recommendations of the Executive Board”. Clean chit mobarak ho!