PTI Hopes Caretaker Prime Minister Will Hold Elections On Time

Party members hope that Kakar would hold free, fair and transparent polls and bring to an end a regime of political victimisation against PTI

PTI Hopes Caretaker Prime Minister Will Hold Elections On Time
Caption: PTI-Anwaarul Haq Kakar

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has expressed the hope that the caretaker prime minister will hold elections per the constitutionally mandated timeline rather than delay them as has been suggested by the outgoing regime, apart from granting rights to incarcerated party chief, former prime minister Imran Khan.

In an official statement and separate statements by party members, the party noted that it was one of the biggest parties inside and outside the parliament. Yet, it was not duly consulted and that the decision on the caretaker prime minister was taken by a puppet prime minister and a fake Leader of the Opposition, since Raja Riaz Ahmad was a dissident member of the PTI.

However, since Kakar's appointment has been approved by President Arif Alvi, who originally hails from the PTI, the party said that Kakar had the heavy responsibility to hold elections on time.

"It is expected that as Caretaker Prime Minister Senator Anwaarul Haq Kakar will ensure that free, fair and transparent elections are held within three months," the party said as it reminded Kakar that it was the responsibility of the caretaker setup to provide all political parties with an equal opportunity to campaign in a fair environment.

Further, the party hoped Kakar would not allow further encroachment on democracy and human rights. In this regard, the party said thousands of its workers remain imprisoned.

Moreover, they said that the provision of basic human rights to citizens is practically suspended but is selectively applied to those allied to certain political groups.

The spokesperson said these restrictions are now being applied to independent journalists as well, impacting the fundamental rights of freedom of assembly and expression.

Party spokesperson warned that Pakistan cannot afford any further adventurism at this critical juncture.

Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Dr Shahzad Wasim welcomed the appointment of a caretaker prime minister from Balochistan.

He praised Kakar's role in the senate, noting that he effectively raised issues of public interest and has the capability to take everyone along.

In a television interview, PTI leader Ali Muhammad Khan said that as a political party welcome the caretaker prime minister. He termed Kakar a capable and patriotic individual.

Ali reminded Kakar of his responsibility to hold elections on time and that he hoped he would end a regime of political victimisation which has seen innocent workers and supporters of the party, even those who had no connection with the May 9 incidents, remain in custody.

Moreover, he hoped that the political revenge being exacted against PTI chief Imran Khan would also be brought to an end.