What Makes Turmeric So Healthy?

What Makes Turmeric So Healthy?
Turmeric is a famous Asian spice available in powdered and fresh form and is widely used in culinary preparations throughout the Subcontinent. You might have heard that this particular spice is a bundle of health benefits, which is why it is also considered a herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Over recent years the “Golden spice” has been added to lattes to reap health benefits and a great golden tint. Have you ever wondered or wanted to know what makes turmeric healthy? It is an active ingredient called curcumin that is present in turmeric and as per science-backed research gives the spice its all-encompassing health benefits.

Our natural environment is full of organisms we can’t see but are powerful enough to make us sick. Whenever these enter our body, the natural inflammation response is triggered. If your body constantly gets attacked by such organisms, this prolonged exposure to inflammation can lead the body to many chronic and incurable diseases such as cancer. Curcumin can fight off such organisms' inflammatory triggers. This explains why athletes or people who go to the gym take turmeric supplements for post-workout muscle soreness.

The human body has a natural wear and tear process. Cells often start metabolising oxygen and forming free radicals upon exposure to sunlight, toxins, and radiation. These make your body unable to perform everyday functions as little as enabling energy usage. As a result, aging and related diseases start becoming prominent. As an antioxidant, turmeric has properties to protect your body from these free radicals.

The main problem with curcumin in turmeric is its low absorption in the gut. However, it is no problem because adding a pinch of black pepper can help increase absorption. Black pepper has its own active ingredient piperine which pairs up nicely with curcumin, thus enhancing absorption and reaping health benefits. It is also better to have a fat source for better turmeric absorption, for which you may use milk or use it in foods with good fats. It is also advised to look for piperine in the ingredients list if you wish to have turmeric supplements.

A teaspoon of turmeric is sufficient to provide enough curcumin and health benefits. Turmeric has many health benefits, like anti-inflammation, anti-aging, and anti-oxidation, simultaneously reducing disease risks at a meager price. So it is time to start staining the tongue yellow and take advantage of nothing but a mere spice from your kitchen!