Top 5 Most Bizarre Miss Universe Costumes

Top 5 Most Bizarre Miss Universe Costumes
The national costume competition, one of the most colourful rounds in the Miss Universe pageant, was held on Wednesday, ahead of the final coronation night on Saturday in New Orleans. In the competition, contestants showcase their country's culture through creative, and sometimes extravagant, ensembles.



Born to a Filipino father and an American mother in San Antonio, Texas, Gabriel is a model and fashion designer who runs her own label, R'Bonney Nola. She was crowned Miss Texas in July, earning her a spot in the Miss USA contest, where she beat 49 other candidates to the crown.


Khalifa, 24, wore a costume by Filipino designer Furne One, whose Amato label is headquartered in Dubai.Called Al-dahr, which means "forever" in Arabic, she said her national costume represents the golden celebration of the establishment of Bahrain as a nation.




A piece signed by @randy.severiche who was inspired by the beautiful landscapes Colombia has among them the sunsets of the coffee axis, which show the beauty of a sunset accompanied by the aroma of coffee.
In turn she was inspired by the resilient way in which Colombians don’t stop growing and undertaking, like Miss Universe Colombia 2022 @mafearistizabalu



Angel J Cartwright is a private banker and conservationist who became Miss Bahama's for 2022-2023.


Rai, 23, has partnered with designer Abhishek Sharma, known for his fusion of Indian and Western looks. Called "sone ki chidiya" or "golden bird" in Hindi, the ornate dress features wings in gold over a heavily embellished lehenga.