Such Gup

Such Gup

What an extraordinary statement 

A little bird flew across the river near Shahdara in Lahore and chanced upon a conversation that is sound ing ominous.

The story goes that an educated and passionate young man claimed and obtained a PTI nomination for a NA seat in the coming elections, only to be left dumbfounded by a last-minute decision of Great Leader Imran Khan to award the seat to a newly recruited electable turncoat from the area.

Stunned, the young man got through to the Great Leader on the phone and recounted his great sacrifices and passions for the party and its cause. The Great Leader heard him out, all the while clucking in sympathy while patiently trying to explain why the party cause was bigger than the two of them and he would just have to take it or lump it.

“We have to win at any cost and the Electables will take us past the finishing line”, the Great Leader explained, just as he has done publicly so many times before. But when the idealistic young man wouldn’t take no for an answer, the Great Leader sighed and said: “Relax yar, the elections are not gonna happen anyway, so your money won’t go down the drain”, and hung up.

The young man doesn’t believe his Great Leader. He thinks he’s just trying to fob him off. So he’s decided to stand as an independent (without the jeep symbol) and waste his money.

Come to think of it, what an extraordinary statement for the Great Leader to make, only three week before the general election! Did the Pinky Pirni put him up to this prophecy? Does he know something we don’t? After the assassination of Haroon Bilour, should we expect more violence in the run up to the elections? What possible reasons can be advanced for postponing the elections?