Lahore Domestic Child Worker’s Brutal Murder Sparks Outrage In Country

Lahore Domestic Child Worker’s Brutal Murder Sparks Outrage In Country
The brutal murder of a domestic child worker by his employers over petty mistakes has ignited anger across the country, with social media users demanding action against the perpetrators.

On Monday, Kamran, 10, was allegedly murdered and his younger brother, Rizwan, 6, injured by the employers at a Defence Housing Authority (DHA) house.

Rizwan had said that the suspects had tied them with ropes in a room, subjected them to severe torture using sharp-edged tools, and beat them for many hours which led to the death of his elder brother.

The police had said that suspects Nasrullah, his wife Shabana, two sons and his daughter-in-law Hinna have been nominated in the murder case lodged against them.

Condemning the incident, actor Nadia Jamil said: “11 year old Mohammad Kamran beaten/tortured to death by employer in Defence Phase III. His 6 year brother in hospital. Their crime? Taking food from fridge. I can hear their screams. When will this stop. Stop murderers’ freedom w [with] blood money.”

The actor also urged her followers to raise their voices against acts of abuse against children.

In a tweet, former lawmaker Irum Azeem Farooque said: “Another domestic child labourer murdered. Another life taken. I wonder where is the child protection team [and] how are these kids allowed to work as domestic help. It comes under child labour and strict punishment must be given to those employees who hire them, Parents also should be held accountable.”

A social media user, Meena Gabeena, tweeted: “Domestic child labour besides being a hazardous form of labour also keeps children vulnerable to predators who can kill a child for eating!”