Interior Ministry, FIA senior Officers Furious Over Officer’s ‘Deliberate Act’ of Sensationalizing ...

Interior Ministry, FIA senior Officers Furious Over Officer’s ‘Deliberate Act’ of Sensationalizing Sensitive News
The officers of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) are extremely furious and worried about an FIA officer's deliberate attempt to sensationalize sensitive news in the media, allegedly to enhance his stature in the organization, Daily Jang reported.

The said officer is holding the acting post in a circle of FIA Sindh. The officer presented the illegal entry of eight Pakistanis into Israel, their doing menial jobs there, and their sending money to Pakistan as if they were allegedly involved in espionage.

The news was later released by the FIA media cell.

It is pertinent to mention here that it is prohibited to travel to Israel on a Pakistani passport. How those eight Pakistanis finally reached Israel is still to be ascertained.

Eight Pakistanis, found to be working in Israel and arrested in Pakistan, had remitted around Rs11.3 million home.

In a statement issued by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Saturday, officials said they had tracked some 108 transactions from Israel to the General Post Office (GPO) of Mirpurkhas, their hometown.

In this regard, FIA said that they had examined the accounts and receivables by counterparties of the five men over the remittances received from Israel.

Moreover, the GPO Hyderabad and GPO Mirpurkhas have been asked to provide records of remittance transactions received from Israel.

The officials added that apart from the five suspects, they have discovered that some of their relatives have also traveled to Israel.

In this regard, the FIA said they have obtained the travel histories of the five men and are trying to ascertain the travel history of their relatives.