Painter and Enchanter

Sabir Nazar’s solo exhibition at Lahore’s Maati Gallery is due to open on the 15th of March 2020 at 5 pm. It will continue until the 25th of March. Gallery timings: 11 am to 9pm

Painter and Enchanter
“Sabir Nazar is among the few Pakistani artists who absorbs social and political concerns of our time. He has a penetrating vision and an unusual skill to delineate characters, objects and form with simple elements.

In order to express his intentions, he employs popular myths and folk lore. Many of his paintings have an elaborate narrative but they are seldom cluttered. Elements are not huddled together but part of an established whole. Pictorially his works individually engage the viewer to narrate their tales that the viewer is expected to unravel.

His still-life renderings are self indulgent but sating. They delight in exuding colour and smile at you with cheerful light.

In brief, I find Sabir’s works aesthetically exquisite, imaginatively enchanting and in the social context intellectually enriching.”

(Mian Ijaz ul Hassan)