Imran Khan Distances Himself From May 9 Violent Protests

Imran Khan Distances Himself From May 9 Violent Protests
PTI chairman Imran Khan on Saturday called for a probe into vandalism and unrest during the protests on May 9 following his arrest in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

"I want an independent and complete probe into the burning of state buildings and firing at the unarmed protesters," Imran said in his first address to supporters after his release.

Imran further said, "I want the chief justice of Pakistan to make a panel under him" for the investigation, while referring to May 9 violent protests.

While apparently responding to the military, the former premier said, "Nobody can eliminate a political party by force and putting them in jail."

He went on to add, "You won’t listen to me but my suggestion for you is to come out of small, closed rooms and keep a big circle and see how can you save the country from destruction."

Riots broke out in multiple cities as PTI workers engaged in scuffles with law enforcers after Imran Khan’s arrest from the Islamabad High Court premises on Tuesday.

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The party called for protests shortly after the arrest, with people taking to the streets and blocking the thoroughfares.

A mob attempted to barge into GHQ, while some were seen kicking and slamming the gate. Also, Corps Commander Lahore’s residence was attacked and the premises was put on fire by violent protesters.

Another group, apparently of protesters, was seen gathering outside the Frontier Corps headquarters in Peshawar, and now the PM orders arrests.

In another instance, caught on camera, military vehicles were seen being pelted with stones by another mob at the scene.

Khan was arrested by Rangers in the Al-Qadir Trust case, by a heavy force of the paramilitary personnel from the premises of the courtroom where he had appeared to secure pre-arrest bail in multiple FIRs registered against him, followed by May 9 violent protests.