13 Pakistani Illustrators Who Deserve The Spotlight

From digital art to animation, here are some of the creative Pakistani illustrators who are not very well known but whom you should know.

13 Pakistani Illustrators Who Deserve The Spotlight

When it comes to arts and culture, Pakistan boasts a vibrant past, yet its current growth seems sluggish. In a field where even well-known artists struggle for recognition, it is not surprising that visual artists and illustrators are often overlooked. However, today, countless artists find fame on the internet. Still, there are many talented individuals who are relatively unknown in the public eye.

As Pakistan was not very up-to-date in the digital field, but some artists had entered this field in the past few years. Beyond amusement and charm, illustrations hold the key to unlocking nostalgia. It's a power great artists tap into. It's time to explore the evocative world of illustration!

From digital art to animation, here are some of the creative Pakistani illustrators who are not very well known but whom you should know:

1.     Awais Shaukat

A 19-year-old illustrator, comic book artist, and founder of Awartsy is making waves in the hand-drawn animation industry in Pakistan. He also founded PakistaniArt, an Instagram community turned full-fledged art magazine, to promote visual arts from Pakistan and beyond. Awais is an undergraduate student of Fine Arts at the National College of Arts. He is also working on any mystery film projects that will be revealed soon.

2. Javeria Khoso

A webtoon artist known for her captivating and imaginative creations. Her artistic journey has led her to explore various themes, with a particular focus on interiors and slice-of-life moments. Through her work, she skillfully captures snapshots of life in both realistic and fantastical settings. Notably, her piece titled “Witch’s Study” showcases intricate details within an otherworldly study, drawing viewers into a world where magic and everyday life intersect.


Aitesam Farooq, also known as Spdrmnkyxxiii, is an artist who has transformed a self-learned skill and passion into a profession. His impressive resume includes collaborations with various other artists, including the renowned Boss Logic. Spdrmnkyxxiii draws inspiration from diverse sources, ranging from movies and shows to fellow artists’ work on Instagram. His journey began with sketching after being inspired by the suit design montage in the 2002 Spider-Man film. Transitioning to digital art, he found motivation in Boss Logic’s work, which fueled his pursuit of art as a career.

4. Mushk Rizvi

A talented concept artist and illustrator, has made significant contributions to the world of video games and film. She pursued her education at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, majoring in Illustration/Fine Art. Her artistic journey began as an intern at Kabam and Pixar in 2012, where she honed her skills. Mushk then transitioned to working on mobile game titles such as Vainglory, Arena of Valor, Honor of Kings, and League of Legends. Her passion for visual storytelling led her to the film industry, where she currently serves as a concept artist at Marvel Studios. When she’s not creating captivating art, Mushk enjoys indulging in food, playing video games, traveling, and watching anime

5. Ameer Zahir Ali

A Pakistani digital artist, illustrator, and concept artist boasts over 10 years of experience in the industry. His artistic journey has been marked by a strong background in advertising and a passion for creating beautiful illustrations that bring imaginations to life. Ameer’s work spans various themes, from fan art to raising awareness about endangered animals, resulting in hauntingly beautiful pieces. Notably, he has gained recognition for his exquisite wedding illustrations, capturing love stories with intricate details and emotional depth. His ability to blend creativity with technical skill has positioned him as one of Pakistan’s rising figures in the art world.

6. Imad Awan

A professional concept artist and illustrator from Pakistan has been actively shaping the visual worlds of video games and films for approximately seven years. His artistic journey has led him to collaborate on remarkable projects, including Lord of the Rings LCG, Valhall, Virgin Produced, and Legend of the Five Rings. Imad’s creative spirit thrives as he experiments with art, seamlessly translating his knowledge of traditional paintings into captivating digital masterpieces. His portfolio showcases a diverse range of work, from epic fantasy landscapes to intricate character designs.

7. Qushung

Eleena, also known as Qushung, is an illustrator and comic artist with a substantial online presence. With 167K subscribers on YouTube, Qushung shares her art and engages with her audience. Her work spans various genres, including anime and webtoons. Qushung’s artistic journey involves creating captivating illustrations, tutorials, and speed paints. She has a Patreon where she continues to produce comics, illustrations, and tutorials for her supporters. As for her webtoon, Qushung had a series titled “Cosmic Feast”, which garnered attention during its existence. While specific details about the webtoon’s plot remain elusive, it undoubtedly left an impression on its readers.

8. Muhammad Nafay

A talented digital artist based in Pakistan has honed his skills in environmental design and landscape art. His captivating illustrations come to life through intricate details and vibrant colors. Nafay’s work showcases a fusion of imagination and technical prowess, making him a rising star in the digital art scene. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Media Sciences from a private university in Karachi, Nafay continues to create awe-inspiring visual narratives that resonate with viewers worldwide.

9. Rawaz Hammas

A young and talented artist hailing from Pakistan. He graduated from the Department of Visual Studies at the University of Karachi, where he specialized in Graphic Design. Under the guidance of Mohammed Kashif Khan, Rawaz honed his skills in calligraphy and ventured into experimental calligraphy. His extensive portfolio includes both commercial projects and passion-driven works, including public art. Rawaz’s multidisciplinary approach and mastery of Urdu lettering make him a standout figure in the artistic landscape of Pakistan.

10. Sarmad Hashmi

KR8V is a visual artist who specializes in art direction, branding, and Urdu typography. His work is a delightful fusion of creativity and cultural homage. Sarmad crafts products that serve as conversation starters while paying tribute to the Urdu language and Pakistani culture. His Urdu Calendar 2024, featuring a new word every day, exemplifies his passion for celebrating the ordinary and infusing it with extraordinary beauty. Through projects like this, Sarmad Hashmi continues to inspire local designers and artists, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape.

11. Yousaf Ejaz Khan

A senior concept artist at Ubisoft boasts an impressive artistic journey. His canvas extends across the realms of gaming and entertainment. Having collaborated with renowned companies such as Disney Interactive Media Group, Eidos Entertainment, Sega, Backbone Entertainment, Kiwiup, and Playdom, Yousaf has left his indelible mark. His roles as an art director and lead artist at Trango Interactive, weRplay, and QBX.net have further enriched his creative repertoire.

12. Fatima Wajid

An accomplished artist based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, has a diverse and impressive artistic journey. Her work spans various domains, showcasing her versatility and creativity. As an illustrator, she has meticulously crafted detailed comic panels, bringing stories to life. Her experience extends to coloring, where she skillfully adds depth and vibrancy to illustrations. Notably, she contributed to the cover page of Power Rangers vs. Godzilla for IDW Publishing. Beyond comics, Fatima is adept at digital art, using tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. 

13. Syed Jeem

Syed Jahangeer, also known as Syed Jeem, a talented visual artist and art director based in Karachi, Pakistan, has been making waves in the creative world since 2012. His portfolio boasts an impressive array of projects, including collaborations with renowned Pakistani brands like Kooper and Junaid Jumshaid. Notably, many of his works are centered around the Ahlul-Bayt, reflecting his deep connection to sacred themes. Syed Jeem’s artistic journey combines graphic design, illustration, lettering, and poetry, earning him accolades and exhibitions in both London and Karachi.