Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
Is this any talk? Yeh bhi koi baat hai? Faujis and our discussions were supposed to be private. About failures and shart comings of National Action Plan against terrorism and suchlike. They have gone and spilled the bean. As if they were gormint and we a uselass gormint department. Instead of other way round. If you want to hear what was actually said in the meeting, here’s the true transcript:

Gen Bob: DG ISPR will sit in on our meeting.

Me: why?

Gen Bob: So that he can take notes.

Me: In that case, let me cut off his fingers so that he can do shorthand.

Gen Bob: Let’s move upstairs to conduct the meeting.

Me: Why?

Gen Bob: Because Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shah is on the roof.

Me: Why?

Gen Bob: Because someone told him the sherbet was on the house.

Me: Ok, but what’s that alligator doing here?

Gen Bob: Which alligator?

Me: That alligator in a vest.

Gen Bob: Oh that’s our investigator.

Me: Gulp!

Gen Bob: Shall we get started?

Me: If you insist.

Gen Bob: Colonel Investigator, please start the power point presentation.

Col Investigator (alligator in a vest): Yessuh! Let me log on with my password.

Me: What’s your password?

Col Investigator: MickeyMinnieGoofyDonaldDuckArchieBettyVeronicaIslamabad.

Me: Why’s your password so long?

Col Investigator: because, hello, it has to have at least 8 characters and a capital.

Gen Bob: Let me ask you a question while Col Investigator gets started: why do you fly off to London every now and then?

Me: Because it’s easier than walking.