Robert Fisk’s life offers many lessons for aspiring journalists as well as media practitioners in Pakistan


Education sector


In Pakistan, more than 22.8 million children between the ages of five and 17 are out of school. They are working as child laborers or domestic workers and involved in other activities. If we are to succeed as a nation, we need to build strong roots for our young children. Education is a fundamental human right and is protected under the Constitution of Pakistan. It is tragic that so many children are out of school and the government is doing nothing about it. Poverty is what pushes parents to put their children to work. This is why poverty alleviation programmes are needed to provide better living conditions for everyday people, and this includes access to education.

Qasim Shafiq,


Stop cutting trees


It is clear fact that Pakistan’s forests are vanishing because people are using our natural resources for their own profits and vested interests. It is painful to see that people are cutting down trees to create luxurious environments for themselves, depriving the rest of the public of clean air and a fresh atmosphere. Nobody is discussing the severe impact of cutting trees on ecology and natural environments. It is my request to the government of Pakistan to not just launch tree plantation drives, but also take strict action against those who are cutting down our precious natural resources for their own nefarious designs.

Iqra Siddiq,


Fisk’s lessons


I was deeply saddened to read about the death of veteran journalist Robert Fisk. Fisk was a journalistic icon across the globe, a man of rare talent and dedication to his profession. There are countless people who have been influenced by his words and his accounts of the conflicts in Middle East.

Fisk became a celebrated journalist during the course of his long career. He also became the center of debates about the craft of journalism, journalistic practices and norms of media industry norms.

Fisk stood out because of his emphasis on language. He disagreed about the use of “language of power” in journalism, and instead relied on journalistic language in his news writing.

Robert Fisk’s life offers many lessons for aspiring journalists as well as media practitioners in Pakistan. His name becomes even more relevant when we remember the terrible state of journalism in this country as well as the curbs on free expression.

Rabail Rauf,