Such Gup

Such Gup

Dressing down

Our mole reports that The Man of Steel and his Heiress Apparent have taken note of the Captain’s ramblings and disapproved in no uncertain terms. They have given him a well-deserved dressing down, we hear. Readers will recall that, a few days ago, the Captain let rip on the floor of the National Assembly and targeted the already marginalized and persecuted Ahmadi community. Mischief-makers had a field day when they insinuated that this was an oblique attack on the Top Gun, and his supposed links to the Ahmadi community. In the past too, the Captain has articulated extremist views, eulogizing the self-confessed assassin of the late Punjab Guv, for one. The Captain must restrain his hate speech and not add to his in-laws’ woes.

More woes

Talking of woes, the Skeletal See Emm (pun intended) of Kay Pee has communicated his own brand of woes to The Great Khan. The Skeletal One has said that his authority is flouted on a regular basis by the “Bunny Gala Crowd” who interfere with the workings of his government and undermine his authority. The Skeletal One wants this to cease forthwith. He has also told The Great Khan that his habit of making and breaking alliances at whim, as with Lion Paw’s party recently, is unbearable and he would appreciate it if The Khan would turn a deaf ear to the Bunny Gala crowd, and consult him (the Skeletal One) on matters related to Kay Pee.

State of paralysis

High officialdom has all but downed tools. This state of paralysis is due to uncertainty about the government. No high official is willing to take decisions that may land him in hot water in the “next dispensation”. A sign of the times is two important posts lying vacant for months – normally, mandarins would be lining up for these jobs, but no longer. There are no takers at the moment.