'Selective Outrage': Lollywood Star Resham Bins Trolls Over Pollution Criticism

'Selective Outrage': Lollywood Star Resham Bins Trolls Over Pollution Criticism
Pakistani actor Resham on Tuesday clapped back at those trolling her incessantly for polluting a water body.

The Jeeva actor, who has also enjoyed a successful television stint too, told Naya Daur -- The Friday Times that there were way more pressing issues to raise public awareness on rather than the said footage. 'Women are gang raped here everyday. Violence against women is commonplace.' Why, then, she questioned attention was being devoted to the aforementioned video. They dwell in a fool's paradise, a livid Resham said.

Tendering what she termed an "unconditional apology", Resham admitted to having made a mistake by throwing plastic into the water body. "I was merely offering sadaqah," she said. Resham said she was on her way to flood-ravaged Charsadaa when she stopped to do this. The actor blamed the gaffe on her contracting Covid-19. "I tested positive for Corona twice. I happen to be absent-minded because of that. I lost my only brother too some time ago." The actor said she had been struggling with her mental health.

"Why the brouhaha," Resham said. Everyday untreated waste is dumped into rivers and the sea nationwide. Does anybody hold industrialists responsible? Why then, she furiously asked, was "special treatment" being meted out to her for something she had done in a moment of absent-mindedness.

The actor also questioned why people only had a tendency to take note of the outrageous and not comment on the positive. "I am in Charsadda as we speak. I have been been quietly helping thousands affected in the calamity-hit district. But, of course, people are only interested in trolling me. I do a lot of good too, the actor said, only if people knew.

I have an enviable social media following. Over 600,000 people follow me just on Facebook. That's more than enough publicity for me, the Naagin actor said. I feed hundreds. A great deal of what I make is spent on this but people will only comment on that video, Resham said.

The Dupatta Jal Raha Hai actor had posted a video on Sunday featuring her throwing meat and loaves of bread in a water body. Packaging followed suit too.

Facebook users were quick to inundate the post with comments. "Absolute jahalat! Throwing meat, or bread, or shopping bags. On top of it, making a stupid video and posting it," journalist Akbar Bajwa commented under. "A horror movie," Tofiq Pasha Mooraj, another Facebook user, said.

Reactions on micro-blogging site Twitter, where Resham has been trending, were unsparing too. "Please stop these pathetic performances. Two loaves of bread and their wrappers and a packet of meat and it's packaging..Bravo," Twitter user Aniqah Sheikh said. "Morons of Pakistan," Khurram Qureshi captioned the video as in a tweet. "Resham actress throwing away food in rivers is the core irony why me might never get it right and never will...oh those plastic bags. epic. #CimateEmergency," Director Jami said. "It's good that Resham threw plastic as well. So if someone needed to pack their lunch home, they can. So thoughtful, educationist Jasir Shahbaz said.

The now viral video had garnered 4.7 million views on Facebook by the time this report was filed. Tens of thousands have reacted to it. 34,000 comments are posted under. Watch the video here: