Aliens On Earth?: Bodies Recovered In Peru Shown As Proof In Mexican Congress

Ufologist Jaime Maussan showcases mummified alien remains before the Mexican Congress, reigniting the debate around extraterrestrial life

Aliens On Earth?: Bodies Recovered In Peru Shown As Proof In Mexican Congress

A ufologist has shown to the Mexico Congress what he claims are the mummified remains of aliens who had crashed into the Earth nearly a thousand years ago.

The two diminutive, humanoid and greyed figures were displayed in glass boxes for politicians, US officials and the media to see.

They were showcased by Jaime Maussan, a ufologist and journalist. He claimed that the figures had travelled to Earth aboard their spacecraft and had crashed in Cusco, Peru, where their bodies were mummified.

The figures had a small face and a large, oblongular head. The lithe frame had just three fingers on each hand. They had no teeth in their mouth.

Maussan claimed that carbon dating of the bodies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico had found that they were more than 1,000 years old.

DNA sampling showed that around a third of it was of unidentified origin. 

Maussan, however, has a questionable track record when it comes to extraterrestrial claims.

In 2017, his claims of having found the five mummified remains of alleged aliens. However, scientific probes found that they were the bodies of human children. Those bodies were also found in Peru.

The debate around aliens was kicked up last year after the US finally confirmed that they had encountered incidents and objects which could not be explained given our current level of knowledge and that those objects were of unidentified origin. 

It led to speculation that life from other planets has been visiting Earth for years and that at least some governments knew about it.

The matter gained further momentum earlier this year in the aftermath of a series of depositions before the US parliament where former military officials claimed that the government was involved in covering up discoveries of aliens and of possessing their spacecraft.

One of those who had testified before the US Congress on the subject, former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves, was present during the presentation of the aliens before the Mexican Congress on Wednesday.