COAS Says Constitution, Parliament Reflect Will Of The Masses

COAS Says Constitution, Parliament Reflect Will Of The Masses
Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen Asim Munir on Friday said that the Constitution and the Parliament reflect the will of the masses, according to news reports.

Speaking in the context of the 1973 Constitution of the country, he said that sovereignty belongs to God and it is with his will that the Constitution got its powers.

Gen Asim also praised the evolving of the 1973 Constitution and those who were a part of the process.

While addressing an in-camera session of the National Assembly, COAS said it's time to rise above the debate of new and old Pakistan, and work towards 'our Pakistan'.

He asked the elected representatives to set their objectives, vowing that the armed forces will support them fully in the journey of the country's progress and success.

COAS remarked that the country has no dearth of resources or manpower [in achieving its objectives].

Military operation

Gen Asim said that the military operation being envisaged isn't a new one, and is a continuation of the state's approved strategy of deter, dialogue, and development.

He highlighted that there are also legal, economic, societal, and external aspects of the campaign. 'It is reflective of the unshaken faith of the people and involves all stakeholders of the state'.

Talks with terrorists

COAS said that talks with terrorists allowed them to regroup, in an apparent reference to the policy of the previous regime. 'Terrorists have no other option than to accept the writ of the state', he maintained.

He said that the security forces are actively working towards lasting lasting peace in the country, adding that intelligence-based operations are being conducted on a daily basis.

It was reported earlier that the military is aiming for a new operation to curb a rise in the terror attacks.

The in-camera session comes as Pakistan grapples with the worst economic and political crises, and a fresh wave of terrorism.