'False, Mischievous': SC Refutes Reports Of Altercation Between Judges

'False, Mischievous': SC Refutes Reports Of Altercation Between Judges
The Supreme Court on Friday rubbished reports of a scuffle between the judges of the court, saying there was no substance to the speculation.

"Reference and utterly false news report regarding and alleged altercation and scuffle between judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan during their walk in the evening on 13.04.2023 in the Judges Colony Park," read a statement addressed by the Public Relations Officer of the apex court.

It noted that the "report has been carried and highlighted through various social media platforms."

"The report is hereby refuted in the strongest terms. It is false, mischievous, and malicious," it said and added, "No such incident took place."

The statement went on to add that fake reporting about the judges of the Supreme Court is a serious violation of the law and represents an effort by disaffected elements to diminish the dignity of the court and its honourable members.

After the proceedings on a constitutional petition to block a bill that would curtail the CJP’s powers, and a meeting of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, the CJP invited judges who had dissented with him to his chambers.

But reports suggested that the participants devolved into arguments and raised voices which could be heard outside the room. The matter deteriorated so much so that journalist Asad Toor alleged that the judges almost came to blows, but such an outcome was thankfully avoided.

On the same day, mainstream media reported that the CJ and his successor Justice Isa were 'on the same page' once they met after a sequence of judgments that challenged the CJ’s administration as well as a recent judgment authored by Justice Isa.

The top court has lately been reported to have divisions over the PTI's plea to hold elections in the. The SC has already ruled that the polls in Punjab must take place on May 14.