'KP May Default If Centre Continues To Withhold Funds'

'KP May Default If Centre Continues To Withhold Funds'
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has voiced concerns over a possible 'provincial default and criticised the federal government for its alleged refusal to release funds for the province.

Addressing a presser the other day, Khan accused the Centre of not releasing critical grants or National Finance Commission (NFC) Awards.

He threatened of a protest outside the National Assembly if the said funds were not released soon. "We have the opposition's support in K-P" said CM Khan.

According to the chief minister, K-P has been facing financial constraints ever since the new government took the reins.

He went on to add that their pleas for the financial aid for the province have fallen on deaf ears.

The CM claimed that the province so far hasn't received a single rupee on account of flood compensation.

Stressing the need to release funds for the merged areas, he said not doing so would be "dangerous."

The Chief Minister announced that the provincial government had set aside Rs1.3 trillion for the current fiscal year, focusing on people and development.