LADIESFUND & Hashoo Foundation Gift 100 Wheelchairs To PIMS

LADIESFUND & Hashoo Foundation Gift 100 Wheelchairs To PIMS
Islamabad: Dawood Global Foundation's #LFWheels distributed 100 wheelchairs to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad (PIMS) as part of their LADIESFUND 10,000 wheelchair drive to make Pakistan and Pakistanis more mobile. This gift was in collaboration with donor Hashoo Foundation, who have a long history not only of philanthropy, but in particular in helping those with spinal cord injury.

"I want to appreciate the Dawood Global Foundation LADIESFUND and Hashoo Foundation for arranging these wheelchairs and hope in the future we work more and more together," said PIMS Executive Director Dr. Ejaz Qadeer. "The wheelchairs will be used in different departments throughout PIMS and the need is truly great."

"We are very humbled by this experience of interacting with and giving to some of the most unseen and oft times forgotten citizens of our nation," said Tara Uzra Dawood, "PIMS is such an important hospital and part of the Islamabad community and we thank Hashoo Foundation and their trust in the LADIESFUND 10,000 wheelchairs project."

"Our priority is to eliminate inequalities and restore human dignity through empowering individuals and communities towards a more inclusive, gender balanced and sustainable society. We achieve results by working in partnerships with all the segment of the society," said Murtaza Hashwani, Chairman, Hashoo Foundation.

“My priority is to ensure delivery of wheelchairs to people with disabilities in every corner of Pakistan, who cannot fulfill the purpose of their life due to their disability,” said, Ammad Siddiqui, Project Manager, LADIESFUND Wheels, and who was responsible for both the procurement and the due diligence of the distribution.

The mission of PIMS is to be a premier research-intensive medical university that will educate medical students, paramedics, and postdoctoral fellows in accordance with international professional standards; to prepare clinicians to practice patient-centered medicine of the highest quality. We have a daily per day treatment of 10,000 patients (including OPD, Emergency & admitted).

The Dawood Global Foundation (DGF) was launched in 2010 with three objectives - to help promote and impact healthcare, education and sustainable development through social enterprises globally. DGF's vision is to build an educated, healthy and prosperous global society with dignity and honor for all people with a focus on helping women achieve top entrepreneurial, managerial and economic positions. It's mission is to promote quality education, healthcare and social enterprise with a special focus on women, minorities, youth, the disabled and the environment through establishing and supporting institutions, including focus on all types of disaster relief that ensure participation of vulnerable sections of society in the economy.

The Hashoo Foundation is a knowledge-based, and an impact-oriented organisation aimed at empowering communities by leveraging knowledge as capital for their socio-economic uplift.

Hashoo Foundation representatives Mahwish Afridi, Arif Rehman, Nasir Saeed Sakhi and Shahina Qurban were present, and from LADIESFUND, Mirza Munawar Shikoh and Shafaqat Mehmood.