Zahir Jaffer Says Mukadam Family Trying To 'Get Money' From Him

Zahir Jaffer Says Mukadam Family Trying To 'Get Money' From Him
Prime accused in the Noor Mukadam case Zahir Jaffer has stated that the Mukadam family was trying to frame him to extort money from the Jaffers.

“The petitioner, Shaukat Mukadam, wants to get money from us and for that reason, he along with police officials, built a case against me and my family,” Zahir Jaffer claimed in a written statement submitted to the court, adding that the Mukadams had arrived at the crime scene before the police.

Zahir claimed that police were working in tandem with the victim's family, and had switched Noor's cell phone to "cover up the phone calls she made to her friends about a drug party." He said that in an attempt to protect the guests who had attended the alleged 'drug party.' the court records had omitted all data from her phone after 10:46am on July 20, the day of Noor's murder.

“Had the police included the people who attended in the probe then there would have been no case against me,” Zahir Jaffer further claimed wrote in the statement.

He further claimed that he and Noor had been in a consensual relationship, and provided various proofs including medical reports, news clips and a USB drive.  As part of the medical reports, Zahir also said he had received treatment for a drug addiction in the US and Pakistan.