Salman Khan's 'Kick' To Get A Sequel

Salman Khan's 'Kick' To Get A Sequel
The director of Salman Khan's superhit movie Kick, Sajid Nadiadwala, confirmed that a sequel to Kick would be released shortly.

2014 saw Sajid make his feature film debut with Salman's Kick. His debut film ended up breaking records. With more than Rs. 200 crore in domestic box office receipts, it became the highest-grossing debut picture.

The Housefull producer recently spoke with Pinkvilla in Dubai and explained that although the movie's script is finished, it still requires some time.

"Kick is my favorite intellectual property, and I got my start as a filmmaker with it. When I talk about Kick, the industry contacts me, and even the internet world is inundated with inquiries regarding the release date of Kick 2.

"Now, I guarantee that Kick will be extended. The topic is there and has been fully written, but it requires time. It has to be released on a larger scale and at a better time.

"For us to create Kick, going to the movies needs to be fashionable again. I'll be prepared to take Kick 2 on floors whenever things are back to normal, Sajid continued.

He added that, while he already had the script written down, the actor for the film Wanted had previously heard it.

"Now, I promise that there will be an extension to Kick. The subject is there on paper; it’s completely written but needs time. We need a bigger scale and a better time for its release."

"At first, it was in my head, but now it's written down. Salman has also heard about it, so I only need the audience's enthusiasm to return so that we can organize Kick 2 appropriately.

Bawaal, the newest movie by Sajid Nadiawala, is scheduled to hit theatres on July 21. In addition, he has revealed Housefull 5.

"First, it was on my mind, but now it’s on paper. Salman has also heard it, and now I just need the excitement of the audience to come back, and then we can plan Kick 2 accordingly."

On the professional front, Sajid Nadiawala’s new film Bawaal is all set to release on July 21. Besides that, he has also announced Housefull 5.