Adil Raja Released After 'Brief Detention' By UK Police

Adil Raja Released After 'Brief Detention' By UK Police
Disgraced former Pakistan Army major and popular Youtuber Adil Raja was detained by British law enforcement on suspicion of "encouragement to terrorism" according to his lawyer Mehtab Aziz. Raja has been released, which has been confirmed after he issued a tweet thanking his supporters for their prayers and wishes.

According to available details, Raja was detained on suspicion of serious crimes, including incitement to violence through social media platforms and possibly terror charges, by UK law enforcement authorities. His lawyer Mehtab Aziz was unable to get in touch with him since Tuesday, and even though he had learnt that his client Adil Raja was in police custody, he was hesitant to disclose why law enforcement had apprehended him. Aziz said that Raja had been arrested by the police, but did not specify which agency had him in custody.

Sources reported that Raja had been charged under the UK's laws, namely the Public Order Act, the Communications Act and the Anti Terrorism Act. However, UK authorities have yet to release any official statement regarding any charges or complaints filed against Raja in their jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, Adil Raja posted a tweet today (June 14) where he attempted to dispel rumours about his 'welfare', without confirming or denying whether he was in UK police custody or not; and if so, for how long.

Raja tweeted that he would "continue to advocate people's democratic right to peaceful protest as the only way to bring about real change". Raja's tweet contained multiple references to remaining peaceful, in a sign that his fiery rhetoric and poisonous rants might now be 'tamed' due to whatever charges or complaints the UK authorities have presented him with.

In a volte-face from his previous tirades against Pakistan's army chief General Asim Munir and a number of other serving and retired generals, Raja stated that "criticism of individuals should never be allowed to undermine the institutions".

Raja had previously advocated – on his now suspended YouTube channel, and on Twitter spaces that he used to frequent as a 'guest of honour' – for the Pakistani people to rise up in "peaceful protest" after the arrest of former premier Imran Khan on May 9, 2023. Raja urged his audience to "pressure the conscience and honour" of Pakistan Army's soldiers, thereby precipitating mass desertion and mutiny across the military's ranks.

Adil Raja frequently told his viewers that there are many "silent warriors" (khamosh mujahid) serving in the Pakistan Army who would abandon their posts and violate their chain of command if they saw the citizenry protesting against their institution. While mobs of angry PTI supporters attacked various military installations and facilities on May 9, none of Raja's purported "silent warriors" materialised to propel PTI's 'revolution' to fruition.

On June 9, a case was registered against Raja, journalists Wajahat Saeed Khan and Shaheen Sehbai, and another Youtuber Syed Haider Raza Mehdi, on charges of terrorism, waging war against Pakistan, criminal conspiracy, and abetting mutiny in the armed forces.

The complaint was filed in a police station in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, but it is now being purviewed in light of reports that the Pakistani government intends to pursue all suspects – including expatriate Pakistanis and dual nationals – involved in planning, instigating, executing and promoting the May 9 riots.