'Disaster Tourism': TikTokers Barred From Filming Cyclone Biparjoy

'Disaster Tourism': TikTokers Barred From Filming Cyclone Biparjoy
As the Cyclone Biparjoy still poses an enormous threat, TikTokers have been warned not to use it to boost their social media popularity.

The government, after watching citizens expose themselves to the threat, has decided to stop them from endangering their own and others lives.

The authorities have made it clear that the cyclone isn't something to celebrate but that it's time to help those vulnerable to the threat.

"Citizens are urged to not engage in disaster tourism by heading towards the beach to watch the cyclone, or to treat the strong tides as a dangerous backdrop for TikTok videos," said Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman while addressing a press conference on Wednesday.

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She added that the public is repeatedly being advised to consider the potential risks of their movements during the alert and follow the recommended course of action to ensure the well-being of all.

Rehman termed public safety and preservation of lives as the topmost priorities of the government.


The minister apprised media persons that some 75 relief and evacuation camps have been set up across the province, accommodating over 73,000 individuals.

Earlier, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif established an emergency committee dedicated to monitoring the situation on a 24/7 basis.

"In adherence to Prime Minister's directives, it [committee] has been mandated to ensure the provision of essential resources such as medical supplies, clean drinking water, and food to the residents of the relief camps, prioritising their well-being and sustenance during this challenging period," she said.

'Less than 300km'

Meanwhile, Cyclone Biparjoy, which would make a landfall tomorrow (Thursday) at Sindh's Keti Bandar is closer to the coast, at a distance of 310km from Karachi after moving northeastward. It has, nonetheless, stayed on its projected path during this slight change.