PM Faces Backlash For Saying Knowing Prices Of Essential Goods Not His Job

PM Faces Backlash For Saying Knowing Prices Of Essential Goods Not His Job
Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing criticism from opposition leaders as well as citizens on social media for saying that he did not go into politics to know the prices of 'aloo and tamatar' (potatoes and tomatoes), with many saying that his remarks indicate that he is indifferent to the people’s issues.

Shahbaz Sharif said that PM Imran had not become prime minister to fix the prices of staple foods, but to 'ruin the country and the people', adding that his work had been completed so it was time for him to 'go home', through an official statement on the PML-N account on Twitter.

'You have successfully destroyed this economy', Sharif said, noting that since PM Imran has been in office, the conversation rate of the US dollar has increased from 125 rupees to 180 rupees.

"You had indeed joined politics to see the fall of Kashmir and to stop the projects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)," Shahbaz continued. "You came to increase Pakistan's ranking in the global corruption index, you came for destruction, you came to anger Pakistan's friends, and you came to hand over Pakistan's economic sovereignty to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)."

The lambasting from Sharif comes as the opposition reinforces its support for the no-confidence vote, expected later this month.

Shahbaz concluded: "Imran Sahib, your work is done, now go home and let the nation breathe a sigh of relief."

Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Sherry Rehman said, "We were right all along. He has no clue what the common man/woman faces, but worse, he thinks it’s not his problem or job."

Citizens, too, commented on social media about the prime minister's 'disappointing' remarks.