Singer Adnan Sami Threatens To 'Expose' Pakistani Establishment

Singer Adnan Sami Threatens To 'Expose' Pakistani Establishment
Indian Musician Adnan Sami on Monday threatened to "expose" the Pakistani establishment.

In a note posted on micro-blogging site Twitter, Sami dispelled the notion that he only harboured contempt for the people of Pakistan. "I love everyone who loves me period," he said.

The Pakistani establishment, however, he said he had major issues with. "Those who truly know me will also know what that establishment did to me for many years which ultimately became one of the big reasons for me to leave Pak.”

Sami said he reveal what the Pakistani establishment did to him once. This he said will leave many shocked. Sami said he had remained silent for years and will elect the right moment to reveal everything.  “One day, soon, I will expose the reality of how they treated me which not many know, least of all the general public which will shock many! I have remained silent about all this for many years, but will choose the right moment to tell all.”

Sami, born to a Pakistan Air Force veteran in 1971, moved to India in 2001. He was granted Indian citizenship in 2016. He was decorated with the Padma Shri -- India's fourth-highest civilian honour for meritorious service to the nation.