Your Weekly Tarot Forecast Is Here

Your Weekly Tarot Forecast Is Here
Gather around friends, we’re about to take a look into what this week might possibly bring for you. Every week The Friday Times’ resident astrologer will be pulling one card for each of the three major areas of your life: Self, Love and Career. Here’s what the week of Monday November 14 has in store for you.


You're going through a lot right now, and unfortunately this card means you'll probably go through more for a bit longer. The Tower represents deep and sudden change, and it can feel a lot like everything you knew and loved has been turned upside down. This change is usually scary and life changing, but it doesn't have to be all negative. While the process of change itself can be challenging, often it can lead us to a new, better way of living and viewing things. You're learning new things about yourself, and it just so happens that you might have to make a big change in order to learn that.


The Magician represents alchemy, the ability to create things out of seemingly nothing. As such, it represents skill, dexterity, determination and wit. It signifies that you will most likely be able to manifest the outcome you want, or suggests that you will somehow make it happen, whatever 'it' is for you. For those in relationships, this is a positive card that represents a relationship moving to the next level, and suggests the deepening of an existing connection. For those who are single, they can expect to find love, or even self-love. Everybody wins.


Are you feeling a little trapped with where you are in your career trajectory at the moment? The Devil suggests entrapment, but it doesn't necessarily mean your work is what's holding you hostage. This could apply to your ambition, your goals, your vision of success, or even material objects like your salary or fame and prestige. While the card indicates a level of restraint and restriction, it also shows that there is still more that you could be doing to help yourself.