Such Gup

Such Gup

Hornets’ nest

Sources say the on-going Operation in Southern Punjab has achieved significant success but continues to be selective in some areas, possibly in an attempt to avoid disturbing the entire hornets’ nest. But it’s going to have to be tackled sooner or later, for instance the huge madrassah in an erstwhile princely state. And then there’s the kingpin of the bandit gang which is now allied with extremists. This kingpin, known as Asif Chhota, has apparently escaped via a surreptitious launch from the Baloch coastline to a neighbouring emirate. Many of the lesser mortals in his gang have been rounded up but he’s the most wanted.

From a reader

“After his father’s death, the son decided to leave his mother at an old age home and visited her on and off.

One day he received a call from the home. ‘Your mother is very ill. Please come’. He went to the home and saw that his mother was dying. He asked: ‘Ma, what can I do for you?’ She replied, ‘please install fans in this old age home, there are none. Also donate a fridge so that food can be kept. Many a time, I slept without food’. The son was surprised and asked, ‘while you were here you never complained, now you have a few hours left and you’re telling me all this, why?’ His mother replied, ‘I’ve managed with the heat, hunger and pain, but when your children send you here, I’m afraid you won’t be able to manage.’”

An exemplary Muslim?

The Great Khan, unable to resist the lure of his former in-laws is said to be headed for London, leaving a party in disarray and his quixotic Dharna 2 enterprise hanging in the air back home. They say his sons are campaigning for their uncle in his bid for London’s mayorship against Sadiq Khan, of Pakistani origin. The Khan is critical of Sadiq’s liberal credentials, claiming that he is “anti-Muslim”, as if his Zionist former bro-in-law is an exemplary Muslim!