HBL Collaborates On Agritech With BaKhabar Kissan

Press Release

HBL Collaborates On Agritech With BaKhabar Kissan
Karachi: HBL entered into a strategic alliance with BaKhabar Kissan, a leading agriculture technology company engaged in building the capacity of farmers, operative in Pakistan.

Through this agreement, BaKhabar Kissan will provide customized actionable information through remote sensing techniques to HBL’s beneficiary farmers based on their crop type, location, and livestock. The agreement was signed by Adnan Pasha Siddiqui, Chief of Staff to the President & CEO – HBL and Fuad Imran Khan, Chief Strategy Officer – BaKhabar Kissan.

Through this collaboration, farmers registered with HBL Development Finance will have access to a multitude of services offered by BaKhabar Kissan, including agro-met and livestock advisory, weather forecasts, disaster alerts, crop health monitoring through satellite imagery, and an automatic weather station. Moreover, HBL shall also evaluate and may adopt, the remote sensing technology of BaKhabar Kissan for crop monitoring to ensure better and efficient agronomic advisory to the participating farmers.

The collaboration will further provide HBL Development Finance, the opportunity to deepen its market penetration as it continues to move ahead in its strategic initiative of broad-based financial inclusion and contribution to the agri value chain in the country.

Commenting on the partnership, Adnan Pasha, Chief of Staff to the President & CEO – HBL said, “HBL’s strategic Development Finance initiative is in line with our financial inclusion agenda and aims to augment the agri value chain providing small farmers with in-kind financing alongside agronomy advice to improve crop yields, lowers production costs as well as enables efficient selling of produce to processors. A more productive and efficient agri value chain also creates wealth at the bottom of the economic pyramid besides creating new job opportunities, ensuring sustainable food security for the nation. The partnership with BaKhabar Kissan will provide a platform to all stakeholders to interact and transact for mutual benefits and to encourage best practices in agronomy combined with tech and mechanized solutions.”