Police Save Blasphemy-Accused From Being Lynched In Muzazaffargarh

Police Save Blasphemy-Accused From Being Lynched In Muzazaffargarh
Police thwarted an enraged mob’s attempt to lynch a man accused of blasphemy in Muzaffargarh, arriving just in time to take the victim to a secure, undisclosed location.

The man was allegedly spotted burning pages of the Holy Quran in front of a mosque in Alipur tehsil near Jagmal area, Muzaffargarh on Monday.  The complainant in the case confronted the man before locking him in a room and calling police.

When police arrived, a mob had already gathered at the scene.  Police were able to break through the crowd and retrieve the suspect, taking him into custody at an undisclosed safe location.

Alipur Saddar police registered a blasphemy case against the man, who Station House Officer (SHO) Ghulam Mujtaba said seemed to be mentally unwell, although police were still awaiting a medical report.

A group of 25 to 35 people later showed up at the Alipur Saddar police station in search of the man, but were turned away, nor was the man found there.

On Saturday, a lynch mob killed a reportedly mentally-ill man in Khanewal district after he allegedly burned pages from the Holy Quran.  The mob pelted the man with stones and bricks until he died.  Police have arrested over 100 people in connection to the incident, including 21 prime suspects.

According to a report by the Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) in Islamabad, in 2021 five people were murdered extrajudicially on allegations of committing blasphemy in Pakistan.