With us, or against us

There were harangues galore in the last cabinet meeting, we hear, with The Great Khan reading out the riot act to his horde. He said that they had a stark choice. “You’re either with us, or against us”. And he singled out two mins for special treatment – Chaudhry Einstein and Shafto. These two try and tread the “middle” path, in their media appearances, just in case. However, His Majesty is not amused. He also delivered a reprimand to Shafto, criticising “the piles of files” he brings along to cabinet meetings. “Just get on with your job”, The Great Khan muttered irritably. We know he is not a “details man” and shuns file work. Sources say he gets a headache, just looking at those “piles of files”!

Royal invitation

Our mole has revealed that The Man of Steel received two important phone calls from international leaders, condoling his mother’s demise. One was from Mera Sultan of the Sublime Porte, the other from Al-King of the Land of Sand. And nota bene that it was not Al-Brince who called but his father, Al-King himself. After offering his condolences, he invited The Man to visit him as a royal guest, stay for as long as he wished, and even offered to issue travel papers. The Man thanked Al-King and said he would revert.

Our mole further revealed that a high optics visit to the Land of Sand is being planned – one of The Man’s sons has gone ahead to set the stage.

Kiss & tell

The second wife’s book was banned in Pakistan but in this information age, you can’t stop the free flow. We hear another kiss and tell venture is on its way – fictionalised this time, but still pretty close to the bone. The first wife is said to be writing the script for a Netflix series about an English woman who marries a Muslim man from Lahore and goes to live there.

COVID-19 has put paid to the entire series being shot on location in Lahore, except for a few core scenes. The bulk of it is going to be shot in Southall, London.