1486 dead, 12749 injured 1.76 million houses damaged 4.4 million acres of crop area affected

1486 dead, 12749 injured 1.76 million houses damaged 4.4 million acres of crop area affected
Death toll and injuries:


The death toll from floods and rains in Pakistan reached 1486, as of september 14. In the past six days, 95 deaths have been documented nationwide by the National Disaster Management Authority. The fatalities of children are 530, of women 298 and 630 of men. The highest toll of lives lost is in Sindh at 638. The number of lives lost in KP is 305, in Balochistan 281199 in Punjab, 48 in AJK and 22 in GB. 


The number of injured has risen to 12749, with 3984 children, 3406 women and 5359 men


All casualties are reported from Sudhnoti, Jhal Magsi, Jaffarabad, Haveli, Killa Saifullah, Dera Ismail Khan, Lower Chitral, Kurram, Khairpur, Naushero Feroze, Kashmore, Shaheed BenazirAbad and Shikarpur. 



Destruction of houses, properties and infrastructure:


The number of damaged houses is now 1.76 million, of which 1.54 million houses are in Sindh alone, where 491002 houses are fully destroyed. In KP 37523 houses were fully damaged, in Punjab 23764, in GB 575 and 319 in AJK. 


According to NDMA, the number of perished livestock is 918473, of which 205106 were lost in Punjab, 191247 in Sindh, 21328 in KP and 792 in AJK. In its recent flood impact update, the UN's FAO noted damage to 21,625 livestock shelters nationwide. 


The NDMA separately notes that the estimate for the houses partially damaged in Balochistan is 125000, and that of destroyed houses is 65000. However, this data is not added to the cumulative data of the province yet. The NDMA report also added that the confirmed toll of livestock loss in the province is at 270,744 and the tentative toll is 500,000. The UN's OCHA mentioned in its report that livestock were a source of primary income for almost 50% of the affected households in the districts which have been assessed in Balochistan so far.


Of the 4.4 million acres affected crop area, 3.4 million acres are in Sindh, according to FAO. In Punjab the affected crop area is around 638000 acres, in Balochistan 304000 acres and in KP approximately 154000 acres. 


The number of damaged or destroyed bridges is now 390. Across the country, 12,718 km of roads have been affected so far, of which 6029.3 kilometers were added after September 9.  


The UNOCHA's weekly report indicates that at least 22,000 schools have been damaged nationwide, and more than 5500 schools are used as temporary shelters for the displaced. This has resulted in interruption in the education of 3.5 million children. 61 refugee schools, of which 26 are in KP and 35 in Balochistan, set up by the UNHCR have been affected which impacted the education of 27,000 children. 800,000 refugees registered with UNHCR live in KP's calamity hit districts. 

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