Ponzi scheme

A close associate of The Great Khan is trying to sell him a Ponzi scheme whereby the Min of Inf will be bifurcated into two and headed by separate appointees. This will enable revenues to come into one department, while the creative work is done by another and so the right hand won’t know what the left is doing and someone will make a nice little packet, while the auditors are none the wiser.


Everyone was expecting The Man of Steel’s Talented Bro to come out on bail on April 15, and two out of the three judges signed on the dotted line. Except for the one. And why was he so reluctant to fulfill the legal requirement? Because, we hear, The Great Khan threw an almighty tantrum and told The Boyz in no uncertain terms that it was his way or the highway. Our mole says he literally stamped his foot and said that he could not bear to see Talented Bro walk free. So, they backed off for a bit and let The Khan have his way.

But sooner or later, Talented Bro will be out and then what will The Great Khan do?

Against his grain

The poet’s poor son did his best, went against his grain and tried to be the spin master The Great Khan wanted him to be. But he never made the grade. He just wasn’t vicious and vulgar enough to be the Info Tsar of The Great Khan’s horde. So he was shown the door. Through the same revolving door came Chory Einstein, previously of the same trade. But he too is a reluctant debutante, having turned down the offer to become Info Tsar before he was finally persuaded to accept. The poet’s son is utterly disenchanted we hear, even though he’s been thrown some crumbs, and has apparently confessed to friends that “it never pays to go against your grain.”