Surviving the scourge of terrorism

It seems people have buried their heads in the sand and are in immediate need of a lesson in history, believes Tariq Aqil

Surviving the scourge of terrorism
The senseless, brutal and despicable bloodbath staged by the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan in Peshawar touched the conscience of the world. “There are so many tears this Christmas,” said the Pope in his Christmas day message. Messages of support, sympathy and help poured in from all over the word. Nawaz Sharif’s government, after consultation with all major political parties and leaders, announced the 20-point national plan against terrorism and for the first time in history decided to end the senseless mantra of good Taliban and bad Taliban.

Since the carnage in Peshawar, our national media was full of condemnation and criticism of perhaps the cruelest atrocity committed by the TTP, and yet some political and religious leaders continue to spin their conspiracy theories and harp on their favorite ridiculous theory: “Muslims can’t do this.” Hafiz Saeed, the chief of famed terrorist organization Lashkar-i-Taiba, had the audacity to blame RAW for this inhuman act, when the TTP had already claimed responsibility. Many Lashkars and Sipahs operate from our soil and all of them have a common agenda of religious fanaticism and eradication of all non-Muslims from the world. Some of these terror machines may even enjoy state patronage and indulge in senseless and brutal acts of bloodshed and cruelty while blaming outside sources and foreign powers for the carnage and mayhem caused by these self-styled champions of Islam.

Taliban supporters, apologists, aiders and abettors in the media, political and religious parties are still hell bent on defending these monsters and confusing the nation with the myth of Muslim innocence or involvement in the raging fires of terrorism and sectarian killings in the country. Political and religious leaders and media personalities who believe in the absurd and ridiculous theory that Muslims are incapable of any wrongdoing are deliberately or unknowingly living in a fool’s paradise. They have buried their heads in the sand and they are in immediate need of a lesson in history.
If this country has to survive, we have to wake up to the reality that the nation is fighting a final battle for survival. The enemy is not external, it is internal

Pakistan’s first insurgency or Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) originated in East Pakistan in the 1960s. Bengali fighters and the security forces of Pakistan were locked in a brutal conflict. Many inhuman acts and atrocities were committed on both sides and it was Muslims and Pakistanis killing each other. The Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s resulted in the loss of over 1 million lives on both sides and both countries happened to be Muslims. The siege of Kaaba in 1984 was planned and masterminded by a Muslim fanatical group and all of them were subsequently killed or beheaded by the Saudi government.

There are numerous such examples in history. How about the Battle of Panipat in 1526; Babur against Ibrahim Lodhi? Or the invasions of Nadir Shah Durrani and Ahmed Shah Abdali when Muslims of India too were slaughtered along with the Hindus by the invading Muslim armies from the North. Pakistan today is the epicenter of terrorism due to the senseless policies of successive governments. Who created religious fanatic monsters to be used against India? Terrorist outfits are now destroying the very foundations of this country and they enjoy immense support from our religious and political leaders and media persons.

If this country has to survive, we have to wake up to the reality that the nation is fighting a final battle for survival. The enemy is not external, it is internal. The policy of appeasement of religious groups has to stop. State patronage of religion based militant organizations has brought this country to the brink of destruction and it is about time that our leaders realized the fact that these fanatic entities created to destroy India are now hell bent on destroying Pakistan. Pakistan today is in the evil and cruel grip of forces of religious fanaticism and bigotry. We are once again engaged in a prolonged low intensity conflict that can be controlled; all we need is brave, patriotic and dedicated leadership.