An American Memogate?

Explosive document exposes dark underbelly of political system

An American Memogate?
The United States administration has just released an official, formerly classified memo prepared by the House Intelligence Committee, headed by Republican lawmaker Devin Nunes.

The memo details the attempts of the US Intelligence Establishment (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI and the Department of Justice with the help of the Democratic National Committee) to subvert the democratic process in the United States.

According to the memo, while working for the election of Hillary Clinton, the DNC financed a former British Intelligence officer identified as Christopher Steele to prepare a fallacious report against then candidate Donald Trump. Steele was paid $160,000.

This report found its way to the FBI, where it was used by senior officials to obtain permission from a judge under the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) to allow secret surveillance of a Trump advisor named Carter Page. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe testified that no FISA application would have been sought, without the “salacious and unverified” Steele dossier, financed by the DNC.
This memo is thus a truly historic document as it highlights the murky world of US politics hidden from the masses

During the same time, the DNC also paid the wife of a senior Department of Justice official, Bruce Ohr, involved in allowing the surveillance of the Trump advisor, to target Trump and prevent his election. In addition, FBI officials (Pete Strzok and Lisa Page) were caught conspiring to prevent the election of Trump at any cost, as evidenced by their private text messages obtained by the House Intelligence Committee.

This memo is thus a truly historic document as it highlights the murky world of US politics hidden from the masses, where a powerful few (Hillary Clinton/DNC/FBI/DoJ) tried to sabotage the democratic system in order to achieve their own objectives.

For the first time in recent history, this attempt has made its way into the public sphere. It sheds light on how an entire scheme was plotted by the DNC, to beat their opponent through non-democratic means, using state institutions to thwart the will of the people.

Hillary Clinton was successful in sabotaging the campaign of Bernie Sanders, as portrayed by the former DNC chair, Donna Brazile, in her book Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-Ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House. However, she failed to achieve the same objective on the national level.

Hopefully, this will shatter the myth created by the mainstream media regarding US politics and institutions and provide further evidence of the existence of the ‘Deep State’ as portrayed in Mike Lofgren’s best seller The Fall of the Constitution and Rise of a Shadow Government. The current Nunes memo highlights the use of the state institutions (FBI/DoJ) by the DNC to target political opposition (Trump campaign/Republican party), during an active political campaign.
The memo highlights the use of the state institutions (FBI/DoJ) by the DNC to target political opposition (Trump campaign/Republican party), during an active political campaign

Such activities are part and parcel of the US political system, involving both parties. For example, former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (1924-72), was notorious for his illegal and unethical activities, supporting one political party over the other. He served under six different Presidents, from Roosevelt to Nixon, and provided them political information to target their opponents.

However, this situation is different because official documents have highlighted the gross misuse of power happening in the present whereas Hoover’s dirty dealings came to light decades after his retirement. And in this particular case, it is the Democrats who were using the FBI and DoJ against the Republicans.

I am not aware of any such documents or memos, in which Trump is said to have used the state to go after Hillary Clinton. He has made public tweets, imploring the DoJ to investigate Hillary Clinton but that is very different from a secret plot as highlighted by this memo.

Proof of the accuracy of this memo lies in the fact that most of the people alleged to have abused their power in this document, were forced to resign before the document was even published. The resignations include those of people in both the FBI and DoJ.

“It’s probably better to have him (J. Edgar Hoover) inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in,” is a statement once given by Lyndon Johnson, while referring to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. It symbolises the interference of the FBI in political affairs and the revelations regarding the actions of the FBI over the past year, remind people of the Hoover era.


People in Pakistan talk about the assassination of political leaders from Liaquat Ali Khan to Benazir Bhutto, as evidence of a powerful Establishment. The same is true for the US, if one briefly reviews history starting from Andrew Jackson in the 1830s till Reagan in the 1980s. During these 150 years, the following Presidents were assassinated or survived assassination attempts:

Jackson (1830s survived assassination attempt)

Lincoln (1860s successful assassination)

Garfield (1880s successful assassination)

McKinley (1900s successful assassination)

  1. Roosevelt (1912, survived assassination attempt)

  2. Roosevelt (1930s, survived assassination attempt)

Kennedy (1960s successful assassination)

Reagan (1980s survived assassination attempt)

Note that later in a testimony to the  Dickson/Mccormack Special Committee (House committee similar to the current Nunes Intelligence Committee), former Marine General Smedley Butler stated on the record how he was asked to hatch a plan to overthrow the Roosevelt government in a coup, by some of the elite businessman of Wall Street. The plan became famous as the Business Plot.

Needless to mention, there was no attempt on the life of Bush senior (former head of the CIA and first US president in history who served as the head of an intelligence agency before becoming the President - a career intelligence officer), elected President after Reagan.

Later, Bill Clinton had a sword hanging over his head, due to the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

He was succeeded by Bush Jr, who had no problems with the Establishment given his father’s history.

Last but not least, the Hillary email scandal and investigation into the Clinton Foundation by the FBI was to act as a check on HRC had she been elected to office and the Russia investigation was meant to do the same job, in case Trump were to to win the bid for the Oval office.

Given the above history, the Nunes Memo holds significant value but people unaware of the above context, fail to recognise this point.

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