Israel Approves Additional $15bn For Gaza war

The Israeli cabinet has approved a whopping $15 billion for "extra spending" to cater to its growing war expenses.'

Israel Approves Additional $15bn For Gaza war

With the violence in Gaza showing no signs of ending, Israel's cabinet approved $15 billion in "extra spending" to cover rising war expenses, Al Jazeera reported, citing Israel's Ministry of Finance.

"This is the war budget, which also provides for the needs of our reservists, their families, the self-employed, government ministries, and the general public," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated before the vote.

On the other hand, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an "immediate humanitarian ceasefire" in the Gaza Strip on Monday, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas reached its 100th day.

"We need an immediate humanitarian cease-fire. To guarantee that sufficient aid reaches those in need. To facilitate the liberation of the captives. To quell the flames of wider war, since the longer the crisis in Gaza lasts, the higher the potential for escalation and miscalculation," Guterres said during a news briefing in New York.

The war, which began with a surprise attack on Israel by Hamas, has resulted in a humanitarian disaster for the 2.4 million people living in the beleaguered strip, according to the United Nations and aid organizations, and has turned most of the land to rubble.

The Hamas fighters also took roughly 250 hostages, 132 of whom Israel claims are still in Gaza, with at least 25 thought to have been dead.

Israel started a continuous military campaign aimed at destroying Hamas, killing at least 24,100 people in Gaza, the majority of whom were women and children, according to the Hamas health ministry.

According to the UN, more than three months of conflict have displaced around 85 percent of the territory's people, who are now crammed into shelters and trying to obtain food, water, fuel, and medical treatment.

Guterres decried the humanitarian situation in Gaza, describing it as "beyond words."