Petrol Prices Reduced By Rs8 Per Litre 

The diesel rate was retained at Rs276.21 per liter.

Petrol Prices Reduced By Rs8 Per Litre 

In a sigh of relief, the caretaker government cut petrol prices by Rs8 per liter for the next two weeks, to Rs259.34 per liter.

The Finance Division announced revised petroleum product prices for the next fortnight, beginning January 16 (Tuesday), in accordance with the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority's (Ogra) recommendations.

However, diesel prices remained at Rs276.21 per liter.

In the most recent revision, kerosene and light diesel oil tariffs were reduced by Rs1.97 and Rs0.92 per liter, respectively.

In the last two weeks, the government has kept petrol and diesel prices at Rs267.34 and Rs276.21 per liter, respectively.

The price of kerosene oil had reduced to Rs188.83 per liter after a Rs2.19 cut, while light diesel oil will be sold for Rs165.75 after the government boosted the commodity's price by Rs1.11.