Weekend Picks: 5 Fun Things To See, Hear, And Do This Weekend

Weekend Picks: 5 Fun Things To See, Hear, And Do This Weekend
Picture this: You're terribly excited for the weekend to begin because you finally get a break from long, boring lectures at school, or that terribly draining job of yours. However, when the weekend finally gets here, and you finally have time to take a break and do something fun, you don't have a single idea about how to make the most of it. It's almost as bad as waking up early on a Saturday. But don't worry, fear not, we've got your back. There's always something to do and we're making sure you never have a single second of boriyat ever again.

This is why we're curating a list of things that we found particularly interesting and highly encourage you to participate in as well. Here are five top picks from The Friday Times:

  1. Movie: Persuasion (2022)

    Have you managed to escape the trailers and the clips of this movie that are circulating on social media? If so, you're luckier than us. Although we love Dakota Johnson, her performance in this rendition of Jane Austen's novel of the same name is quite...interesting. Let's just say it's a more modern take on the novel, while still being a period film, which makes it a unique adaptation. We're curious to know what you think. Give it a shot. (Available on Netflix).

  2. TV Show: Resident Evil

    There is one reason and one reason only to watch this Netflix adaptation of the popular Resident Evil video game, and that reason is Mr Ahad Raza Mir. We need to support him, cmon. Even more so after the crucifixion he's experiencing online because of *that* scene, which tbh is all the more reason to watch the show. He's hot, what more do we want?

  3. Song: Yeh Sab by JTB

    Here at The Friday Times, we love supporting up and coming artists, and today, we're supporting JTB, or Jeebus, Tehniyat and Budz. The trio came out with their first single on Friday, and it's a beautiful song about the ups and downs of life. You might also recognize 'Jeebus' and 'Budz' from their previous stints on Pepsi's Battle of the Bands, as part of Madlock. Watch the song here.

  4. Activity: Linocut printing workshop at Tinker's Collective, Lahore

    Here's a fun arts and crafts project for you and your friends, or kids, or parents. Tinker's Collective is having a linocut printmaking workshop on Sunday, which looks to be super fun. Even if you can't attend, it might be a fun idea to gather supplies yourself and make prints at home with your loved ones. The best part is that you get to make and exchange art and frame it up and hang it on your walls.

  5. Book: Four Past Midnight by Stephen King
    We get it, we all have terribly short attention spans nowadays. Thanks a lot TikTok. But that's why this novella by Stephen King is perfect. It features four short creepy stories that are very easy to read and will likely keep you up at night. That's Stephen King for you, he has a knack for making the mundane and ordinary seem horrifying and scary.