The Kennedys Paid Jackie To Have Children With JFK To Maintain Perfect Family Image

The Kennedys Paid Jackie To Have Children With JFK To Maintain Perfect Family Image

Jackie is also revealed as a vulnerable woman who never got over her husband's murder and became tormented as it emerged he cheated on her throughout their marriage. 'She knew he cheated on her, but it was the scale of it that became public after his death that devastated her,' a friend said.

She told friends and her psychologist that she was haunted by a phone call one of those lovers, Marilyn Monroe, made to the White House.

The call came in on Jackie's line in the Kennedys' private quarters.

Weeks before, Jackie had refused to attend the birthday concert where Monroe, dressed in a sheer nude gown, breathlessly sang: 'Happy Birthday, Mr President.'

'I'm not going to be humiliated,' Jackie said when asked why she refused to go to her husband's birthday celebration.

So when Marilyn rang asking for JFK, a curt Jackie snapped: 'What is this about?' to which the screen siren replied: 'Oh, nothing in particular, I just wanted to say 'hello'.'

'That tormented her for decades,' a friend said. 'She never knew if the call was real until years later when she was in therapy and her psychologist confided she had treated Marilyn who confessed to making the call. Jackie was furious and fired the shrink on the spot.'

She considered leaving her husband in the early years of their marriage – when he was still a Massachusetts Senator – after he repeatedly gave her multiple sexually transmitted diseases, one of which she blamed for the fact their daughter, Arabella, was delivered stillborn in 1956.

'Jack happened to be on a cruise off the coast of Italy having fun with his friends, among them a few women. When he decided not to return after Jackie's miscarriage everyone was appalled,' Taraborrelli writes.

Jackie told Kennedy family patriarch Joe Kennedy that she wasn't prepared to put up with her husband's cheating.

It was then that Joe, desperate for Jackie to present a 'perfect union' to the world to boost his son's presidential ambitions, proposed a deal.

Over lunch at Le Pavilion, a French restaurant in New York, he offered her $100,000 – the equivalent of $1 million today (£760,000) – for any child 'carried to term'.

In November 1957, Jackie gave birth to daughter Caroline and Joe, the book claims, made good on his promise and deposited $100,000 into her bank account that day.

Son John Jr followed three years later, two weeks after his father was elected President in 1960.

Young, beautiful and glamorous, Jackie mesmerised the world as America's First Lady but, behind the scenes, all was not well.

Kennedy's womanising continued under his wife's nose.

She kicked him out of the marital bed but, according to a new revelation in the book, on the night before they left to go to Dallas 'she sneaked into his White House bedroom in the middle of the night and they made love'.

She later told her sister she 'had a bad feeling'.

The following day, while still at the hospital in Dallas, Jackie was asked how she wanted to tell John Jr and Caroline that their father was dead.

'Maud should do it,' she replied, referring to Maud Shaw, the children's nanny.

Jackie's mother, Janet, broke the news to Maud.

'Permission to overstep?' the loyal nanny asked.

When Janet nodded, Maud replied: 'I can't take a child's last happiness from them,' to which Janet said: 'This is Jackie's wish and you must do it without question.'

In the years following JFK's assassination, Jackie plunged into a deep depression. She drank heavily and started popping pills to try to beat her demons.

Her sister Lee said: 'How can a woman who takes so many uppers be such a downer?' Jackie was left on the brink of bankruptcy when she left the White House.

Her wealthy Kennedy in-laws refused to support her.

When she had some work done on her new home she begged builders to accept a signed photograph in lieu of payment 'because it will be worth more money one day'.

The builders insisted on being paid by cheque.

Jackie consoled herself by sleeping with a succession of men, including architect Warnecke who was designing her husband's memorial.

He tells how they 'made love in the car and on the beach' and described her as 'sexual… alive... exciting to be with'.

She told him she would never get over JFK's death saying: 'My life is over.'

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