Karachi University Blast: Police Release Sketches Of Bomber's Female Facilitator

Karachi University Blast: Police Release Sketches Of Bomber's Female Facilitator
Investigators have released sketches of the Karachi University suicide bomber’s female facilitator, with the help of eyewitness reports.

According to CCTV footage viewed during the investigation of the blast, it was revealed that the bomber had met up with a woman inside the university, and investigators suspect the helper may have provided the bomber with something.

It is being reported that the police are still deliberating over whether the female facilitator provided assistance in carrying out the blast, or whether she was just someone who accidentally met the bomber.

Reports also indicate that she took a lift from a car driver from inside the university, and may have taken Rs 500 from the driver.

The police have appealed to the people to reach out to law enforcement agencies in case they have any information about the woman, saying that if she is not involved in any wrong doing, she has no reason to hide.

An investigation is underway to look for and interrogate the woman.

Last month, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) orchestrated a bomb blast, led by the organization's first female suicide bomber Shari Baloch, that left four people dead, including three Chinese nationals and one Pakistani.

Shari Baloch was the mother of two young children, and the wife of a doctor, and herself held two master's degrees. She had reportedly joined BLA's Majeed Brigade, a lethal guerilla cell of the BLA, and had signed up to be their first female fidayee (suicide bomber).

Shari Baloch's husband, Dr. Haibatan Baloch, revealed during a police interrogation that his wife was 'mentally ill' and had been prescribed medication for that reason.