Severe Water Crisis In Pakistan: Here’s How You Can Get Involved In Relief Activities

Severe Water Crisis In Pakistan: Here’s How You Can Get Involved In Relief Activities
Amid the ongoing heatwave, many areas in Pakistan are experiencing drought, water shortage, and cholera outbreaks, leading to the loss of over 32 lives, with more than 1500 people being admitted to hospitals. The crisis has also killed more than 200 livestock. Here are seven non-profit organisations and individuals that have initiated relief campaigns for the affectees and are accepting donations.

1. Fundraising Campaign by Pirkoh residents
The residents of Pirkoh village in Dera Bugti, Balochistan have started their own fundraising campaign to raise money for the provision of water in the area, after the government failed to provide any immediate relief to the residents. So far, more than 1.5 million rupees have been collected, and residents are trying to collect more so that they can purchase more water tankers and coolers and provide relief to all inhabitants of Pirkoh.

The account details have been shared above. It is pertinent to note that due to the high volume of donations being received, the account number has temporarily been suspended. However donations through EasyPaisa are still being accepted, and people are being encouraged to show support and donate.

2. Donations to PakVitae Water Purification Organisation

PakVitae is an organisation that provides Pakistani communities with water purification facilities, so that in the event of shortage of clean drinking water, such as the ongoing one, communities can purify the available water through filtration techniques that filter out 99.9% of germs and bacteria, according to the company. They will be sending clean water, as well as a technical team to train the residents of Pirkoh on water filtration techniques. For donations and ways to get involved, reach out to @mahamali05 on Twitter.

3. Donations to Pirkoh resident 

A student and resident of Pirkoh, named Gul Gohar, is collecting funds for the provision of clean water and water tankers for the residents. So far, Rs 59,000 have been collected, and the student has shared a list of all the localities and colonies in the town that will be assisted through the donations.

4. Alkhidmat organisation's relief program for Cholistan

The Cholistan desert in Punjab has been badly affected by the heatwave, which has led to extreme drought, famine and more cholera outbreaks. The Alkhidmat Foundation is collecting funds to assist the people of Cholistan. More than 300 livestock have died in the area thus far, while migrating to new pastures in search of food and water.

5. JFK Animal Rescue urgent relief drive for Cholistan

The JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter is also collecting urgent donations to provide relief to those afflicted by the water crisis in Cholistan. In addition to monetary donations, they are also accepting donations of ration bags, cattle feed, green cloth for shade, and water pumps and tanks. They have also issued a call for volunteers, vets and doctors to come and physically assist in the area with them.

6. Al Quran Institute Cholistan Relief Program

Al Quran Institute is collecting funds for Cholistan and aims to purchase and provide the area with water tankers, cooked food, and uncooked ration for humans as well as animals.

7. Pakistan Rising Stars Cholistan Relief

Pakistan Rising Stars is a youth organisation that is also collecting funds for the ongoing crisis in Cholistan. They are conducting a drive to purchase ration and water for the affected people.

The area of Tharparkar desert in Sindh is also facing severe drought, and is afflicted by droughts and water scarcity almost every year. This list will be updated as soon as reliable non-profit and charity organisations operating in Tharparkar are found.