Such Gup

Such Gup

Caught in the crossfire

We’ve heard of interesting developments at a recent meeting between the newly minted national command boyz and Dr ZM. The doctor is in the eye of a storm for various deeds of commission – ahem – which have been “masked” courtesy influentials in the Great Khan’s horde. Our mole says the NCOC boyz hauled the doctor over the coals and were in no mood to hear his explanations. He tried to chalk it down to the Health Ministry’s “incapacity” and “lack of information”, but the boyz were having none of it. Meanwhile, the Health Ministry is chaffing with resentment at having been totally bypassed with the new organization calling the shots and the doctor is caught in the crossfire.


Sources say the Chief Adjudicators want to have a confidential virtual meeting with each other using Zoom software. But they are anxious that there be no eavesdroppers. So we hear they’ve asked a government agency to provide a foolproof anti-bugging system for them, so that they can talk in secrecy. The question is, what is the highly sensitive matter at hand?

Saving grace

One of the world’s largest multinational investment banks, JPMorgan, has opined that Coronavirus may not cause the same havoc in developing economies that it has produced in the developed world. One of the reasons, they say, is the universal BCG vaccination policy. They cite two examples: Ecuador, towards the top of the mortality table, is an emerging market economy without universal BCG coverage. Japan, at the bottom of the mortality table, is the only developed economy with a long running BCG vaccination program. So that might yet be our saving grace. Add to this the opinion that the virus seems to slow down in hot weather, and we may well have reason to be optimistic.