Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
Am I a terrorist that I’m being taken to and from court hearings in an armoured carrier? Have some fear of the Lord, khauf-e-khuda, my tormentors. What goes round comes round. We used to watch sometimes from the sidelines, sometimes from other side of the arena, when same torments were heaped on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. I have learnt my lesson. Has anyone else?

But kindness is everywhere, especially from the poors. Driver of armoured carrier, in effort to lighten my mood, told me that please see how Punjab has changed. Fust there was sugarcane in all homes, but no sugar illness. Now there is sugar illness in all homes, and no sugarcane. Fust we were on cycles and went 20 km in one hour. Now we are on cars and still go 20 km in one hour because of traffic. Fust there was no light, but all was aglow. Now there is light but all is dark. Fust at weddings, family used to cook and dancers came from outside. Now food comes from outside and family dances. Sweet man, God bless him.

I am being told that all is well in Naya Pakistan and that all institutions are working within their frameworks. Wonderful. The judiciary is making dams, the military is conducting elections, the media is doing politics and politicians are doing business. Mashallah.

I am also being told that the Britishers are cooperating with new government of Imran Khan, and they are ready to spill the lentils. If that is case, which I highly doubt, all I can say is this: “Happy Independence Day, Meray Aziz Humwatno. This is 71st anniversary of our own Brexit since 1947.”

On lighter note, when going to court a few days ago, I caught sight of a school bus. On it was written: “MOTHER ’SLAP PRIMARY SCHOOL”. I think so all lotas should go to this school along with Insafians who are being rude to all and sunday. Especially that PTI MPA who assaulted man on street in Karachi.