Court Cannot Dictate Content Of Curriculum, Says SHC

Court Cannot Dictate Content Of Curriculum, Says SHC
Sindh High Court has dismissed a petition that sought to make teachings of the Holy Quran mandatory in schools and colleges.

In its detailed decision on Friday, the court observed that it was not its function to dictate the content of curriculum.

The petitioner had asked for amending the curriculum in the secondary schooling and college education.

However, the learned court observed that the plea could not be granted under the given circumstances, in the absence of any violation of law or fundamental rights.

The judges further noted, "in our view, matters of the faith are personal and are even otherwise best left to the individual”.

The decision also referred to a Supreme Court judgement in a 2014 case, wherein it was observed that the 'freedom to profess religion and to manage religious institutions placed a duty on the State to not interfere with the religious beliefs and ideologies of individuals.'