Islamabad Artist Duo Stuns Lahore With ‘Epilogue/Prologue’

Islamabad Artist Duo Stuns Lahore With ‘Epilogue/Prologue’
Epilogue/Prologue: an exhibition featuring the work of Islamabad-based artist duo M4HK and Ujala Khan is underway at the Muse Art Gallery in Lahore.

Prominent among the 41 works on display was Eldritch: an amalgamation of hints and gestures communicated using colour and form to nudge viewers towards the ancient semi-divine. Extroversion, on the other hand, presents a response to two of the artists’ earlier works. It represents a multitude of faces emerging from a nebulous mix of distorted symbols, rough shapes and twisting lines.

Ujala, an abstract artist, commenced her journey in art as an exercise in expressive meditation. She developed a unique style over time which employs bold colours and dramatic brushwork. Symbols from past civilisations including the Indus Valley and ancient Egypt are regularly incorporated in her work. Her work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Pakistan.

M4HK, a self-taught artist, primarily works with paints, oils, inks, soft pastels, spray paint and items routinely found across toy shops. His work is profoundly inspired by mythology, history, philosophy and storytelling. M4HK, who has been doodling since kindergarten, graduated with a degree in economics and international development from McGill University in Canada. He actively participated in the underground art scene in both Islamabad and Montreal over 2009 and 2017.

The exhibition concludes on December 24 2022.