Houthis Beware: US Strikes Back - Did Iran Misjudge America's Resolve in Red Sea?

Host Misbah Azam and Kamran Bokhari, Senior Director at New Lines Institute, discuss recent Red Sea developments and Houthi targeting in Yemen.

US and British forces conducted numerous airstrikes in Yemen, targeting Houthi forces in retaliation for their attacks on Red Sea shipping, which they attribute to the conflict in Gaza. Strikes hit military bases in Sanaa, Taiz, Hodeidah, and Hajjah. 

The US-led Combined Maritime Forces warned ships to avoid Bab Al-Mandab. The strikes follow escalated Houthi raids, prompting increased naval presence. Iran condemned the attacks, and fears of supply chain disruptions arose. 

The impact on future Houthi attacks depends on their response. Saudi Arabia calls for restraint, and the US accuses Iran of aiding Houthi attacks.