‘Internal Disputes’: Imran Khan Directs Marwat To Halt Political Activities

Imran has directed Marwat to return to Islamabad, instructing him to halt any ongoing political activities until further notice.

‘Internal Disputes’: Imran Khan Directs Marwat To Halt Political Activities

As tensions between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senior Vice Chairman Sher Afzal Marwat and other party leaders persisted, PTI founder Imran Khan reportedly gave Marwat a directive on Wednesday to halt all political activities in Sindh.

With a clear directive to halt any future political engagements till further notice, Imran asked Marwat to return to Islamabad.

The directives came a day after the PTI leader, in a significant twist, stated that he was suspending the Sindh polls campaign after claiming to have been "attacked" by party leaders Raoof Hasan and Hamid Khan, then subsequently said that he would continue the campaign.

In a post on social networking platform X, Marwat stated that he would not be distracted and asked PTI activists to "deal [with] all the satanic forces" independently. On Sunday, Marwat launched the PTI's election campaign in Sindh, but subsequently said that it would be called off due to statements made against him by "sick-minded people" such as Hamid and Hasan.

"Why are these individuals targeting me? Did I ever say anything against them? I am very discouraged and dejected. We were going to have conventions in Sanghar and Nawabshah today, but after being assaulted by my own party's high leadership, I am canceling all of my plans and events," he said on X.

Marwat previously referred to President Arif Alvi as a "wrong number." In social media videos, he said that Alvi's son had applied for a PTI ticket, but he had opposed the move. Marwat said that Alvi "conspired" against the party.